Fans suit up for I Like Comic Con; Convention keeps focus on artists, creators, exhibitors of comic books

The weekend’s inaugural I Like Comic Con was such a success, said Chris Simons, organizer and owner of the eponymous comics shop in downtown Vancouver, that he’s already planning for next year.

“It looked like we were going to be the ‘critical darling,’ you know? The one that everybody loves but they don’t really make any money,” Simons said.

The final count wasn’t available Sunday afternoon, he said, but Simons and his organizing partner Royce Myers estimated the two-day event at the Clark County Event Center saw 6,000 to 8,000 guests.

That level of success is unheard of for a first-year show, the two said, and it will definitely return next year.

“Thankfully, we have seemed to tap into some vein of fandom out there because our attendance has been really good,” Simons said. “People are really excited about it, and that makes all the creators and all the exhibitors realize, ‘Hey, this isn’t just like the cool factor you get from going to see a movie with subtitles, this is the real deal.’”

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