Clark County deputies armed for drug overdose, train to use opioid antidote naloxone

The sheriff’s deputies passed around a little vial and spray nozzle.

One blast of naloxone from the vial, per nostril, can revive someone left unconscious by an opioid overdose, saving their life.

“You giving them Narcan and waking them up might be the change that they need,” Deputy Jon Shields said, using a brand name for the opioid overdose antidote naloxone.

Shields led a recent training for deputies on administering the drug. They are among first with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to start carrying intranasal naloxone while on patrol.

“You’ve seen it. They steal from their family, they steal from their friends, and until they get to that point, they’re not going to change,” he said. “We’re giving them a chance to change their life.”

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